The smart way to run an HOA

Save time and money with Bluejay’s simple, yet powerful, payment collection, owner communication and financial reporting.
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For Self-Managed Boards

Set up professional online payment collection. Keep your association organized all in one place.
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For Community Managers

Provide best-in-class board visibility and easy-to-use homeowner experience. Manage multiple associations.
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For Real-Estate Developers

Reduce association management fees while providing a seamless transition to the homeowner board.
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Built to make your life easier

Make paper checks, jumbled spreadsheets and disorganized folders a thing of the past. Bluejay is simple-to-use HOA management software.
Payment Collection

Collect dues on autopilot

Collecting homeowner payments shouldn’t be so difficult. With Bluejay you can quickly create automatic recurring bills for dues or parking fees, or send one-time bills for anything else.

Homeowners can pay via ACH, credit card or check, and Bluejay will send payment reminders to overdue homeowners so you don’t have to.

Keep homeowners in-the-know

Draft and send updates to one or many homeowners.  All communication is saved and visible to admins and homeowners.

Gone are the days of clunky member portals, the Bluejay homeowner experience is delightfully easily to use and looks great on any size screen.
Financial Management
Coming Soon

Fast bookkeeping & powerful reporting

Connect the association’s bank account to quickly categorize transactions. Because online payments flow through Bluejay, we’ll automatically classify these as well.

With Bluejay you can track your budget and generate all the customizable finacial reports you need like a balance sheet, income statement, account deliquency report and more.

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The complete toolset for your community

We’re building all-in-one homeowners association software.

Payment Collection

Automate recurring dues and one-time payments. Homeowners can pay via ACH, credit card or check.


Send messages to members, all of which get automatically saved to the owner’s account.

Owner Experience

Provide homeowners with a delightful experience you’d expect from modern software.


Store all critical documents and share selectively with the community.
Coming Soon


Sync your association’s bank account with Bluejay to quickly categorize transactions.
Coming Soon


Track your budget and customize and share automated financial reports.
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Simplify your HOA management

Set up a complimentary call with the Bluejay team to get a product walkthrough